i’m feeling 22

please tell me that i’m not the only one who has the taylor swift song in mind right now. but yes, on the 15th of april i turn 22 years old and this year i’m actually excited about my special day. normally i don’t do much on my birthday but this year i decided to invite all my girl friends over for a ladies brunch and i will do a whole post about that but since i’m now 22 i decided to share 12 things with you i learned in 22 years of my life.

1. stars can’t shine without darkness
no ones life is picture perfect and there will always be tough times and dark days but you can overcome them and it will make you grow even stronger and you will value all the great things a lot more.

2. find people who actually care
sometimes i feel people only ask you about you and your life to keep a conversation going or judge every word you say and in the end, they don’t care at all. its okay for a casual conversation but theres nothing better than having people in your life who actually care about your thoughts and really want to know how you are feeling and i’m very glad to have a handful of those lovely humans in my life.

3. confidence comes over time
i used to be not confident about me in the slightest and always felt wrong and not good about myself and i have to say that my confidence grew the older i got. just take your time to find yourself and don’t stress

4. the cool kids in the school aren’t actually that cool
when i started high school i was very shy and there were these super cool and pretty girl who did all the cool things and they hung out with the cool boys and i wanted to be like them but seeing them now, they are not cool at all anymore. 

5. cherish your friendships
i was never one who had millions of friends but i like to keep my best friends close. i found a beautiful group of people who i can count on and i just like to let them know how much they mean to me and i think its important to give back.

6. your first boyfriend might be a poop…and thats okay
all my friends first boyfriends were total fails in every way hence why i’m not with my first boyfriend anymore but thats fine with me. some things are not meant to work out and looking back, i exactly know why it didn’t. getting to know what you like and love is part of growing up too.

7.  work hard
most things in life won’t just come to you so i would advice to work hard on your goals and be passionate about them…

8. but don’t take it too seriously
….but also take your breaks and don’t take everything too seriously. sometimes you will need a day watching stupid tv shows and eating ice cream or having a day out with friends and after some time to yourself you will be so much more motivated.

9. love
finding love, feeling love and being loved truly is beautiful and i feel like these days people are being a bit scared to love and to be fair, i was too but loving someone and feeling loved it the best feeling and it doesn’t have to be a partner, it can be friends and family too.

10. being sad is not bad
i feel like so many people are always preaching that the only way to live is be happy at all times and yes, being happy most of the time is great but i feel sad from time to time and thats okay because sadness is a feeling that will be experienced in this life and its fine.

11. be grateful
i feel these days you always see people who seem to have a better life. they can buy all the stuff, travel all over the world, have a great body, great skin, their brows and contour is always on fleek but i’m pretty sure that there are plenty of things that are amazing about your life and its important to be grateful for that and i am every day.

12. be kind
to me kindness is the way to go. don’t judge people you don’t know or even people you know and just try to be as nice as you can. it can easily make your day so much easier and it can makes another persons day too

here we go, a bit more of a personal post in honor of my birthday. let me know some life lessons you learned so far. i think we can all learn and benefit from each other.


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