Blogging before Jogging

stickers via stickerapp
blogging is not my job. its what i spend my free time with. not gonna lie, it would be a dream job but thats not why i do it. since i don’t have millions of followers, which i’m completely fine with by the way, i always get beyond excited when companies reach out to me. as you might remember, a company called caseapp reached out to me a few months ago asking me if i wanted to design a phone case with them. they also run stickerapp which is basically the same idea but for custom made stickers. perfect if you run a business or just for fun. so they asked me if i wanted to design my own stickers and i said yes. the website was super easy to use and i now have around 140 stickers for 30€. mine are quite small with the gold polka dots i have in my blog design. i went for the “blogging before jogging” quote which basically describes my life and i love them. i will include them in a giveaway i want to do this year. they also have the option to reorder stickers you designed, so perfect if you need more.
they provided me with a 20% off coupon: LOOVE20STICK
please let me know what you think about them and if you would design your own. thank you so much for reading my blog and following me on social media because without you this wouldn’t have happened.

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