Sunday Mood #8

happy sunday everyone. i’m currently sitting on the sofa after getting back from a lovely lunch with my boyfriend and his parents, trying to getting used to my new glasses. i have had glasses forever now but my eyes needed a stronger pair and got them yesterday. also, i will start using contacts so lets see how that goes but oh boy, getting used to new glasses is such a pain. i feel like i had too much vodka but i have to do it as i’m now able to see 120%…very weird but cool, right? 

what i did:
being excited to go on holiday. i’m leaving for denmark next week and i can’t wait. we always stay at the beach and i haven’t been in so long. my parents go at least twice a year so they invited us over. because i want to get as much work done before as i can, i spent so much time at uni and i’m very happy with what i got done. also, i have been planning very exciting things for the blog and my channel and i vlogged. the vlog will be up by tomorrow. i also reached 100 followers on bloglovin’…thank you so much

what i ate:
very healthy. lots of fruit and veggies and i feel so good about it. i surely benefits my work outs.

what i didn’t do:
actually…theres nothing i can think about so thats good news.

what i want to do next week:
pack for our holiday and then leave. i also want to work even harder on my uni stuff and go to lush to get some new spring items. i also want to do a little easter series on my blog so let me know if you would like that.

one word to describe the past week:


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