A Very Lush Valentines Day

lush is a good idea all year but with valentines day coming up, i noticed a lot of people being quite down about it. since valentines day is the day of love why not love yourself even more one day? as its a sunday this year its perfect for a pamper day which means a perfect day for a lush bath. lush has a beautiful valentines range out and their permanent range has some lovely very valentines looking bath products. i picked some up after uni for myself because lets face it, i love a good lush bath and i thought it would only be right to share them with you.

one i knew i wanted is the most colorful one. its the unicorn horn bubble bath. its very big so it surely lasts for multiple baths and is meant to create beautiful multi colored bubbles. with lavender and neroli its supposed to lift the mood and it has some lovely shimmer to it.

permanent in the lush range is sex bomb bath bomb. don’t let you fool by the name. sex is not needed to use this bath bomb. its just looked beautiful and it sounds divine. yasmin, ylang ylang and a selection of oils to soothe the skin and make you feel all beautiful. also, the little pink rose just reminded me so much of valentines day.

the next one was just too cute to leave. its lush lover lamp bath bomb. its basically white and has tiny red hearts in it that come out ones it fizzes up in the bath. its made with fair trade cocoa butter and vanilla. so the smell is right up my street. it also contains orange oil and hints of orange flavored chocolate. its smells literally amazing and its surely amazing for my skin. can’t wait to use it.

last but not least is one of the new bubbleroons. its rose jam and obviously smells like roses. it also contains shea and cocoa butter to make the skin extra soft. i also love the whole macaroon like look of the bubbleroons. so cute.

have you picked up any of the lush valentines pieces? what do you plan on doing on valentines? let me know.

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