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iPhone Case via Caseapp 29€ *

a while ago a lovely lady from caseapp contacted me and asked me if i would like to create myself a case for my iphone and i obviously said yes. its quite weird to me that actual companies contact me to try out their products. thats just me crazy as i feel like i’m nowhere near being a bog blogger. this is just playtime to me to be honest. anyway, lets move on to the actual case and service. 
caseapp is a website which allows you to create your own phone case or laptop skin. you can basically use any design you want, from pictures with your loved ones to patterns and quotes. the website is super easy to use and very fuss free. after a few days i received my case in the mail. because i’m a basic blogger i went to a marble background with a cute gold heart and a little quote under it. the quality of the case is very nice. its pretty secure but goes on easily and the design i went for comes across perfectly. the only thing that bothers me is that the case doesn’t actually cover the very top and bottom of my phone so its probably not the most protective one. caseapp actually has the possibility to get an extra supportive case but i only saw that after i already ordered mine.  other than that i think its such a cute idea. you can really go all out and i think it would make such a cute gift. caseapp iphone cases come for most iphone and samsung models so keep that in mind if you have an htc or something.

all in all, i’m really happy about the iphone case and i think it looks very pretty on my phone. caseapp also offered me a 20% discount code if you want to get your own and want some money off. the code is: LOOVECASE20 . let me know what you think of caseapp and if you would design your own.

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