Sunday Mood #1

i love sundays. for me they are by far the most relaxing day of the week. i mostly spend them in comfy clothes, make up free and on the sofa with an occasional walk and good food. because my love for a good relaxing sunday is very strong i decided to start a weekly series on my channel called ‘sunday mood‘. i will basically reflect on the past week in the categories: what i did, what i ate, what i didn’t do, what i want to do next week and one word to describe the past week. hope you enjoy it.

what i did:
i’ve been to the gym three times which is amazing, did a lot of creative work for the blog. my favorite kind of work. i also hung out with my closest friends in a very relaxing way and i started to not use my phone right before i go to sleep. lets see how long i can keep that up.

what i ate:
lots of grapes. i’m obsessed with red grapes at the moment and also garlic and herb bread…oh my gooood. its my thing at the moment but i’m very happy with my eating habits.

what i didn’t do:
study as much as i wanted to…

what i want to do next week:
i want to study more basically and i want to organize my closet, finally. i also have a school reunion coming up and it makes me feel both awkward and excited. so lets see how that goes.

one word to describe the past week:

how was your past week? i’d love to know everything. also, let me know what you plan do to do the next week. lets have a good catch up.

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