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i while ago i decided to not use my phone right before i go to sleep and rather have a read. because i don’t fancy reading a book at the moment as i have to read a lot of them for uni, i decided to go for some magazines. normally magazines don’t come with freebies where i live but this issue from madame magazine came with an amazing one. first off all, i never got an issue of madame magazine before but it looked very promising but now onto the freebie. it came with a zoeva 234 luxe smoky shader brush in rose gold…like what? zoeva brushes have been on my wish list for absolute ages and i really want to get the rose gold brush set. finally and very late to the band wagon. as i never tried a zoeva brush in real life this freebie gave me the chance to do so. the brushes are fairly weighty which i love. it just feels better and i feel like i can control the brush better when it has some sort of weight to it. the rose gold detailing looks very pretty and not tacky in the slightest. the bristles are super dense and soft and seem like amazing quality. i so looking forward to using this brush more often and getting myself some more zoeva brushes. for a magazine freebie i’m pretty impressed. i love it. have you tried any zoeva brushes? let me know what you think.

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