Essie Favorites

ever since i got my nails done professionally i love painting my nails even more. essie is my favorite brand for sure. they have such amazing shades and colors and i love how opaque and easy to apply they are. sometimes, when i have a bad day, i treat myself with a new little bottle and it always makes me so happy. over the past years i’ve collected quite a few essie nail polishes and i figures it would show you my favorites of them. all of them are of the permanent range, i think, which makes them easy to get hold of. i’m not too much into super bright shades, unless its summer and i have a bit of a tan, so they are quite neutral or pastelly. but here we go.
one of my favorites for years has been essie blanc. its the perfect opaque white and it looks amazing. it makes the nails look longer but also so cool at the same time. i got it when ariana grande showed her white nails and i wanted to get the same look and this is the perfect nail polish to achieve it.
another very light shade and probably my all time favorite is fiji. a shade that so many people raved about and rightly so. its a very light and pale light pink. its again super opaque and looks very neat and chic at any time. if you don’t have it, please get it. its beautiful.
the one and only slightly brighter shade is bikini so teeny. pale light blue with tiny bits of silver glitter. it looks so pretty on the nails and i always get asked what if is whenever i wear it. its perfect for spring and probably one of my most worn shades.
for me one of the best neutral all day shades is angora cardi. a reddish plum toned nude brown. i know, sounds weird but looks amazing on. very easy to wear but it looks so put together and lovely.
the darkest shade and one that a lot of people love and have is sole mate. a very dark burgundy and probably my most worn color in fall and winter. its beautiful and looks great on night outs.
what are your favorite essie colors? please let me know! i always want get more.

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