What i got for Christmas

i know, christmas is not about the presents, its about the time you get to spend with your loved ones but i i think we all can agree that it is so lovely to get something from a loved person, something they felt would be perfect for you. its wrapped in beautiful paper and most of the time is just lovely just because someone thought of you during the holidays. for a few years i haven’t been asking for anything as i like to be surprised and i buy most of the things i want myself. if they are out of my budget i just don’t expect anyone else buying them for me. so this year i’m just so amazed with what people came up for me and i figured i’d share that with you. i also filmed a whole video on my channel so if you prefer a video you can click the video further down in this post. also i’m only sharing a few items in this blog post so literally everything i got is in the video.

my boyfriend is one of the only people who asks me if i really want something because i know he wants to get me something i truly love and i love perfumes but for some reason i never buy them so i told my boyfriend about a couple i like and he went to the store and sniffed all if them to then get the one he liked the most. its dolce & gabbana light blue sunset in salina. to me light blue is such a classic from d&g. its very fresh, airy and light but still feminine and noticeable. the sunset in salina version has something a bit warmer to it. its a bit deeper and i absolutely love it.

me and my friend alex have been doing a gift exchange for years now. its always so fun to by her gifts as she loves everything beauty just as much as i do. this year her main gift to me was such a cute benefit gift set that comes in such a bright and beautiful tin. inside are a full sized they’re real mascara, a full sized bene tint, a sample sized porefessional and a sample sized fake up concealer and i can’t wait to try it.

a very easy to gift person is my sister. we pretty much love the same things and thats why she bought me some lush bits. lush is always a winner for me and having a lush bath after a long day is just the best thing ever. so she bought me the peeping santa bubble bath and its literally the cutest thing i’ve ever seen and he smells lovely. the second thing is the snow angel bath melt. its such a beautiful item and i love the gold glitter on it. also,it leaves my skin silky soft.

my parents went crazy this year and i literally couldn’t believe it when i opened the box. i love jewelry a lot but i don’t have a lot of like quality and expensive jewelry. most things i bought on the high street and besides a silver bracelet that me and my boyfriend both have, i have not a single piece of nice jewelry. for a really long time i wanted a dainty necklace with some sort of small Crystal attached to it. my parents got my that but the crystal i wanted it a diamond and its probably the most beautiful thing i have and i will keep it forever.

what did you get for christmas? i’d love to know. once again, i hope you had a beautiful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones.


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