Sun Beam | #Blogtober

Top: H&M | Pants: American Apparel | Shoes: Buffalo | 
Pictures by: Tizian Streich

for some reason i find the natural light in fall to be the most beautiful and because i also love fall fashion i decided to go out and film a fall lookbook to be up on my channel anytime soon. my boyfriend and i ventured into a lovely woodland close to my parents house and one of my favorite lakes. this is actually where the berlin wall was back in the day. we even went there on october 3rd which is a national holiday in germany which celebrates 25 years of eastern and western germany being united again. i love the sunlight in this particular area so much. some of my favorite pictures have been taken there and i love to walk my dogs around there too. i hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i do even though i still feel awkward about taking outfit pictures.

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