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september is over now and even though i love october and autumns hence why i do blogtober, it still scares me how fast this years is going by. its gonna be christmas so soon and i actually can’t wait…i may or may not be doing vlogmas and blogmas. anyway, its time again to show you which products i have been using lately. sometimes i find i only have a handful products to show might be not enough but i do really love everything so its almost unfair to not share them with you so here we go:

first one might not be a surprise at all. its my charlotte tilbury magic foundation in light 2. i have been talking about this one too much for anyone to cope with and if you’re getting tired of it just skip this bit but i haven’t been so in love with a foundation and everything about it ever since i used the nars sheer glow for the first time. this one is just so good, the finish is beautiful. glowy but never sweaty and it just sits there and my skin shines through in such a perfect way. the color range is huge and the packaging is a winner too. it also comes with a pump which is always a plus and i have been using it ever since my net-a-porter order came in and haven’t looked back.

next one is a budget friendly option and it is the make up revolution golden sugar blush palette. i’ve featured this one in my last post and it has been my go to blush palette for almost 6 weeks now. i love peachy blushes as they go with every single make up and always look nice and tie the look together. theres not much i have to say about this one. the colors are on point, highly pigmented and so easy to work with. they blend like a dream and never sit weirdly on the cheeks and for the amazing price tag you just can’t go wrong.

for my lips i have been going for a nude combo almost every day and i can’t get enough of it. its basically the rimmel lip liner in east end snob as a base. its a lovely kinda dark and rich rosey nude color and on top but more on the center of the lips my mac lipstick in creme cup which i haven’t been using for a while before i tried out this combo. i love it but its a true pinky nude and it can make me look washes out sometimes but in top of the eyeliner is so beautiful. its so creamy and stays on the entire day and as its a bit lighter as the lip liner it gives a slight ombré effect which i adore. i also love how creamy and pigmented the lip liner is. i would say its the best drugstore lip liner i’ve ever used.

next one is a very particular look with my too faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette. first off all, i love the palette itself. it smells heavenly and the eyeshadows are buttery smooth, richly pigmented and so easy to blend. my go to look with it is just butter pecan on my entire lid which is a glittery champagne color and mousse and rum raisin in the crease. both of them are more on the taupey side and rum raisin is so shimmery and beautiful. i also use coconut creme under my brow bone and thats the look. i love it. paired with a winged liner its perfect and it goes with any lip color. if you are interested i would love to show you my everyday make up routine so you can see how i do it. the too faced palettes are just beautiful. the quality is insane and if you love palettes i would consider buying one of the chocolate bar palettes.

i normally don’t show lifestyle favorites but i figured i’ll change it up a bit. if you like lifestyle favorites please let me know and i’ll do them for sure. i always loved journals and writing but i get bored quickly and just forget do it. so when i saw the q&a a day journal i figured it would be the perfect thing for me. its basically a question a day for five years and it has become my little ritual to sit down before i go to bed and answer the question if the day and i love it. i can’t wait to look back on all the questions when i do finish it and i’m sure i will. i got mine at athropologie but i know that its available on amazon too and its one of the best things i’ve bought lately.
if you have tried any products i mentioned before, please let me know what you think. i’d love to know. 

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