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i think beauty people on the internet are just the ones who make me buy expensive make up. most of my collection i bought because the lovely ladies who i trust in, recommended them to me. before i ventured into the blogging world i had no idea who kevyn aucoin was and i also had no idea what beautiful products he has to sell. when alix from icovetthee showed the keyvn aucoin matte lip cream in forever in one of her videos, i knew i needed it in my life and when i looked into contouring and perfecting the way to bring out my face features, i knew that the keyvn aucoin sculpting powder in medium would make my contour game strong. it is an expensive brand and surely is a treat but a girl has to treat herself every now and then or in my case has to be treated to something nice since my boyfriend bought me some kevyn aucoin products for my birthday.

if you have been around for a while, you probably know that i’m a huge fan of bright lips. if not, i’m elena and i love bright lipsticks, a lot of them. but i think i never wanted a lipstick as much as this beautiful one. its the matte lip cream in forever. a beautiful richly pigmented peachy toned bright pink and even though its matte its so creamy and easy to wear. it doesn’t cling to try bits on the lips or sits weirdly after a few hours, it just looks so good and truly is an eye catcher. it was right on top of my wish list and even though i could have bought it when i was in london in the winter time but for some stupid reason i didn’t and i kept moaning about not having it so when i got it for my birthday, back in april by the way, i couldn’t stop wearing it.

as i love perfecting my every day make up, i tried and still try to perfect my contouring and i was on the hunt for a fine powder with a more ashy brown tone as it looks more natural in the hallows of your cheek bones in my opinion. after watching countless tutorials i came across the kevyn aucoin contour powder in medium. its really small but the powder is super fine, its pigmented so a little goes quite a long way and its very ashy and cool toned and makes everything look really natural. i also use it to contour my nose slightly and its the best one i found so far. surely it needs to be blended out but it just looks so super nice and just feels really luxurious. 
have you tried any kevyn aucoin products and did you like them? also i would love to do a q&a post anytime soon so if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

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