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whenever i post a picture showing my nails i get a lot of complements on them, even in my videos people ask me about them all the time so i decided to dedicate an entire post to my nails and everything about them. first off all, no they aren’t my natural nails, they are fake. gel to be exact, so lets begin.
starting of with my nails about a year ago. i always had so much envy for people with nicely done nails which just grow and i was willing to take care of my nails but all they did was just breaking, chipping and not growing. i hated painting my nails as every color would look bad after a day and they never were in a decent shape. i just think that some people just have good nails, others have good skin or good hair and mine just weren’t my “strong body part”. for a long time i didn’t think about getting gel nails as i wanted to paint them myself and wasn’t all about glittery and colorful patterns and designs even though they suit a lot of people, they just weren’t for me but when a few of my friends got natural style gels i wanted them too. their nails always looked good and in perfect condition and thats what i wanted. 

there are two types of permanent “nail extension”. gel and acrylic. whilst acrylic seems to be the over all more popular one, its easier to break and has to be redone way quicker. gel is basically a clear gel that is put onto the natural nail and hardened under uv light. to elongate the nails and later on file them to the wanted shape, most salons either use tips or some sort of foil. the over all gel nail is way stronger and shinier than natural ones and they look completely natural. neither gel or acrylic nails are the most healthy thing for natural nails but the natural nail grows under the gel and by now and even after my first set, my natural nails were basically as long as my gels which means there are no tips needed. they need to be redone after a while. i get mine done every three weeks at my salon. every time they the gel gets filed down, they get reshaped, new gel is added and i get a treatment for my nails and i absolutely love them. nail polish dries very quickly and never chips. it just sort of fades at the tips but only after a few weeks. its super easy to take off with aceton free nail polish remover and i love that my nails always look fresh and clean. getting my nails done is like a little time out for me, almost like being in a spa. i just love it so much. 

without trying to be disrespectful, there are a lot of asian nail salons which mainly use acrylic nails. i never went to one but loads of people are perfectly happy with them. i go to one managed by a lovely russian couple with only two nail bars and they are the best. per session i pay 30€ but prices can be very different from place to place and gel tends to be a bit more pricey. here is a little checklist off things you might need to know when getting gels:

clean work
always make sure your hands and all files are sanitized right before using them. that way you won’t have any issues with nail fungus. in my salon every customer gets their own file, the ladies sanitize mine and their hands right when i get there and they wear gloves at any time which makes the work really clean

right file work
to remove the old gel they use a mechanical file. never let anyone use this on your natural nails. it will damage them and cause very painful nail burns. those files are used only to remove the gel and not to get close to your natural nails at all. if you want to file your nails down by yourself. just a regular non metallic file and it will work fine

taking care of gels
gels are easy to maintain. i use a little brush to clean under them and hand cream to make my hands and cuticles to feel soft and always use aceton free remover

gels at work
where i live gel and acrylic nails are not allowed in jobs in the medical department and when you work with some sort of food. they also can break off so if you do a lot of things with your hands like carrying stuff they might not be the right choice

removing gels
gels can be removed if they are not longer wanted. get that done at a salon and ask for a good treatment as your natural nails might be a little weak. never remove them by yourself

i hope that helped you a bit. if you have any other questions, leave them down below.

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