Hello Again?

long time no see, thats all i have to say right now. i don’t even know how long it has been since my last post but it has been way too long for my liking. my life just got too busy for me to handle it, all of the sudden. starting a new job aside from uni that payed a bit more sounded great in the beginning but wasn’t what i expected and quickly i found myself working every day, studying in my lunch break and coming home exhausted every day. the only creative work i managed to do was keeping my youtube channel alive which has now over 1200 subscribers. insane and wonderful but my blog, my lovely little spot on the internet was just left out of the door step and for some reason, i couldn’t find my way back. maybe because i was too scared, too uninspired or just not in the right mind set. now, months and months later, i quit my job and i’m now sitting at the dining table in a cottage in somerset on my holiday, over looking the rolling hills and i finally got my blogging words back and it all feels so familiar. maybe theres still someone around to read this and if so, thank you and welcome back. i missed blogging, writing in general and i surely will have more time now, especially since i’m on holiday and theres lots to write about. i also got a new blog design which i love…and i love you.


Hello Lovely!

Welcome to Elena Isabelle; A personal Blog about everything I am passionate about from Fashion to Beauty and a little bit of Interior and other Lifestyle Topics thrown in the mix. I hope you will enjoy your stay and lets get browsing!

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