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i have to say, i did forget about kiko and wasn’t even thinking about the brand for years. it opened in my nearest mall years ago, i tried some bit and was a bit disappointed and never went into the store ever again. until a week ago after a lot of people mentioned their stuff in either videos or posts online and i made my way to kiko again. its an italian make up brand which offers anything you could ever think off from eyeshadows to skincare and brushes and it looks like a drugstore version of mac once you enter a store. very appealing. off course i picked up a few bits and i thought i’d share them with you as kiko seems to sneak into the blogger world and i like it.

the first products i picked up are the long lasting eyeshadow sticks in the shades 28 which is a matte champagne color and 05, a duo chrome shimmery bronze with cool undertones. they look a lot like the by terry ombré blackstars. i can’t get them where i live and they are much more expensive. these retail for about 8€ and the color selection is nearly endless and also, long lasting is the right term for them. the swatches are still on my hand and i can’t take them off and thats how well they stay on the eyes. also, they are a perfect lazy item which i love.

as i finished my collection concealer i was on the hunt for a new concealer and kiko seemed the perfect place to find one. i went for the natural concealer in the shade 01 which comes in a tube, my favorite kind of packaging and it is super light with salmon colored undertones. perfect to hide dark circles and as it is super light it highlights my super fair skin. 
in terms of highlighters i got the magnificent highlighter in the shade 02. it is out of a limited edition and is a highlighting pen such as the all so famous ysl one. the highlighter is more silvery and cool tones which i find to look more natural with my fair skin. also, the gold version of it was too glittery for my liking but this gives the most insane and highlight and glow on the cheek bones and nose. i can’t get enough of it really.

these are my first ever kiko picks in years and i am impressed. they won’t be my last. also, i will do full reviews on them as soon as i tested them a bit more. have you tried kiko? if so, whats you favorite product? love you.


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