Festive Nyx Set

Nyx Set*

when i was browsing on the website of a beauty department store called douglas, i saw that they were looking for tester for a few nyx bits and i applied and about a few weeks later i had some lovely nyx products in the post which i was very excited about. i am a small blogger and youtuber and its not a usual thing to me to receive products to test out and thats why i went right ahead to show you everything i got before trying them and i will go back to you with a review. just to let you know, i am not paid to review them or praise them, i just happened to be a tester and nothing else comes with that.

so in my package was the love in florence nr. 3 palette which is an eyeshadow palette with a lot of purple shades. i have brown eyes and i’ve heard that purple is supposed to look really nice with brown eyes. also, i’ve never tried any nyx eyeshadows so i’m excited.
i also got the high definition eye shadow base. it basically goes hand in hand with the eyeshadow palette and primer is always a must for me when doing my eyeshadow.
for the cheeks i got a blush in the shade angel. i always wanted to natural peach colored blush and never managed to pick one up and this one is exactly what i’ve been looking for, so i guess this is my favorite piece out of the set. for the lips, it is a lipstick in indian pink. its not a real pink, more of a duo chrome orange. very interesting as i don’t have a shade similar to it which is rare is i have a billion of lipsticks already. the last piece is an slim eye pencil in black, something i always run out of and never buy again so super handy.

i will let you guys know how i get on with these products and i want to know if you tried any nyx products and which one if you favorite? love you.


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