Advent Calendar #1

when i was little my mom used to make me an advent calendar filled with chocolate and little toys but when i got older, chocolate got a bit boring as i don’t eat that much actually and when i got into beauty, a beauty advent calendar was just way more exciting to me. this year, my mom spoiled me with a really special one and it is a skin care advent calendar from kiehl’s. so exciting. kiehl’s is actually one of my favorite skin care brands and it is actually amazing. i never had a actual brand beauty advent calendar if that makes any sense but now i’m hooked. as i know that you guys are probably into skin care as well, i figured i would show you what i had in it each week and i hope you enjoy it.

so the first week was filled with classics and quite big sample sizes, so lets go through them:

midnight recovery concentrate 2x in 2ml: this is my kiehl’s holy grail and i love that it comes in two little packs and as you’re only supposed to use about 3 drops, they will last a good while. this rich serum literally gives you a new skin, i use it at night under my moisturizer and its perfect.

kiehl’s ultra facial cream in 7ml tub: i had a sample of this and it last me about two months. this is a day and night time cream that can be used on any skin and just adds the right amount of moisture without being to rich or too drying.

kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser in 30 ml bottle: again. this is supposed to work for all skin types and is a mild cleanser that cleanses without drying or stripping the skin which is exactly what i need and i just adore it so far.

kiehl’s creme de corps in 30 ml bottle: this is a rich nourishing cream for really dry skin which comes in handy in the cold months and again, it is really mild and i can’t wait to use it for the first time.

kiehl’s ultra facial toner in 40 ml bottle: this is a gentle creamy toner for all skin types which just tones the skin and helps with any kind of blemishes or extra oil.

kiehl’s super multi-corrective cream in 7ml tub: i’m so excited to use this, this is a facial cream which is supposed to correct uneven skin tone and prevent the skin from aging.

kiehl’s creamy eye treatment in 14 g tub: this is a really hyped up product. it basically a rich under eye moisturizer, perfect for the winter moths.

kiehl’s powerful-strengths line-reducing concentrate: this is a serum to prevent aging specially under the eyes and around the mouth area.

so, this advent calendar is so super exciting and i can’t wait to try them out which i will report back on. also, i’m back. blogging was just left out the doorstep but i miss it to much and i hope you guys can forgive me. i love you.


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