Heat Wave Essentials

lets keep it short and sweet today because i’m melting away. i’m just not used to 32 degrees everyday and this heat wave doesn’t float my boat at all thats why i just like to keep it simple with my make up but i still have some essentials to deal with that weather situation, i literally can’t wait for fall but now onto my essentials.

off course i need sunglasses to cover my make up free eyes or to keep my eyes safe from the sunlight. i got this from bikbok last summer and even though its from a rather cheap store, i made sure that it safes my eyes which it does and i love cat eye shaped glasses a lot.
also, i need a lip balm when its hot because my lips dry out so quickly and i’m really enjoying the eos lip balm in the melon flavor and its so nice. it tastes good, it smells good and it helps my lip a lot.
as you know, i have really long and thick hair and bangs, so sometimes it just gets to hot with that much hair so i use this clip to get my bangs out of the way and its just perfect.
i think a real essential is a good deodorant because you just don’t want to be sweaty or smelly and i really enjoy the rexona one. it doesn’t has a real scent but it keeps my dry and good smelling.
if i wear make up, i have to use the urban decay all nighter to keep my make up from melting aways and it helps so much, its perfection. so if you haven’t try it, please do so.

so what are your essentials for the current heat wave? please let me know.


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