Topshop Macaroon

Topshop Lipstick in Macaroon; 10€

about a year ago in sweden i went out and bought my first topshop lipstick which was in the shade infrared and i really, really liked it and always wanted to get my hands on more. in a video on youtube i saw someone wearing the shade macaroon and i instantly fell in love with it and it was right on top of my wishlist. i personally really love topshop lipsticks. they are fairly good priced, the color selection is huge and i love the pigmentation and the way they apply. creamy but not too shiny or sticky. perfect for an everyday wear. when i was in sweden last week and knew i had to pick it up and got my hands on it right away.

so macaroon is such a lovely shade, i can not even deal. it is a pink color with some kind of coral running trough it. its not a barbie pink more an adult pink if that makes any sense. really laid back but at the same time super lovely looking. perfect for an everyday base or even at night time. i feel like it goes so well my complexion and my every day make up and its perfect for summer. this might be my go to shade in the summer. so if you’re looking for an easy to wear but still super beautiful and of some sort special color, give macaroon a go. i’m literally so glad i picked it up and cherish it so much.


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