Color Riche L’Extraordinaire by l’Oréal

Color Riche L’Extraordinaire by L’Oréal; 10,95€ each

you guys know about my obsession with any kind of lip products and i think i mentioned that i have never been a fan of lip glosses or any kind of glossy, liquidy lip product…until now!  L’Oréal has been my favorite drugstore make up brand for a while now and they came out with a new range of lip glosses or gloss stains that claim to be lipsticks in a gloss form. some people say they are very similar to a ysl lipgloss but i’ve never tried any ysl lipstick or gloss so i can’t compare those two but a few days ago i treated myself to these babies and i have to say i’m in love and maybe i came over my fear for lipglosses.
first off all, the packaging looks lovely and really high quality. a sleek golden tube with a square on the side that shows the color that you just picked. it looks so chic and i like that it actually shows the color which makes it easier to decide which makes to easier to decide which color you actually want to pick.

the consistency is really creamy and not overly glossy or sticky. they are super easy to apply and melt in with the lips and feel almost balmy. something i really love as a former lipgloss hater and the pigmentation is amazing. they are richly pigmented and one coat is enough to give the lips the perfect amount of color and shine.

i went for the colors ruby opera which is a true and bright red color and is super pigmented and perfect for a bright lip day when a matte mac lipstick just feels to heavy. i imagine this one to be perfect for a summer night out as it stays on super well.

i also picked up molto mauve as a more laid back and day time color that basically works for every day. its is a mauvey, rosy color that looks great with every make up and makes the lips just look very plump and just really beautiful. it has been the color i reached for the most since getting them and i always have it in my purse in case i need my lips to look better. i just love this color.

all in all, i really like those lipsticks in a gloss form, if that makes any sense and bare in mind, i used to hate everything glossy on my lips but these just feel so nice and look great. if you haven’t tried them, please have a look at them the next time you are at the drugstore. the color selection is fab and so are the glosses.


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