April Favorites

i feel like i’m quite late with my favorites but april has been quite messy, hectic but lovely. the last days have been really stressful for me, running back and forth between uni classes, job interviews, apartments that are for rent and in the end the hospital, where i had to take a friend of mine, but still, april has been a good one. i turned 20, started my second semester of uni, the weather has been incredible and i had time to try and fall in love with new items. i know i haven’t been a good blogger lately but i’m trying my best to get back on track. anyway, lets jump right into my favorites for the month of april.

my first new favorites might not be a surprise for you, they are my new nars babies. i got a bit wild when hqhair had their 25% off nars products and treated myself with products i wanted to try for ages. first off all, the all so famous nars sheer glow foundation. i got mine in the shade deauville which is perfect for my skin tone and its just flawless. i don’t want to say to much because i’m planning a full review on it but it is liquid perfection and nothing less. i also got the powder which claims to be light reflecting and yes, it is. such an amazing powder for setting the make up in place. again, a full review on this will appear on this blog anytime soon. off course, i had to pick up the nars creamy concealer. a bloggers favorite and yes, it is amazing. perfect coverage but still moisturizing and illuminating. never loved a concealer so much. 

i reviewed the nars creamy concealer here
when i first started my blog, i had no idea how important a skin care routine can be and how much it can change your skin but over my year of blogging i’ve build up a little regime for myself and i love adding new life saver and possible holy grails into it. this month i came across two amazing products. the first is the camomille silky cleansing oil by the body shop. i love body shop skin care and this one is just the best thing i’ve ever tried. one pump of this oil breaks down every piece of make up, doesn’t matter if its waterproof. i just pump it into my hands and warm it up by rubbing it and then i massage it all over my face, focusing on the eye area and all my make up is gone without being harsh, i doesn’t irritate my skin and the oil itself is really beneficial for my skin. i also found an amazing face cream. it is the elizabeth arden visible difference moisturizer which was on an amazing offer while i was in denmark and i picked it up right away. it is by far the best face cream i’ve ever tried. it helped my skin to much and yes, my skin look way better since i’m using it. if you are interested in a skin care routine, please let me know.

last but not least, i have been loving the txt excess volume texturizing spray by l’oréal. this stuff is literally teased hair in a bottle. i just spray it on my hair and give it a little scrunch and it looks so good like i have teased it like crazy and it actually stays put the entire day. i love adding volume to my hair and this has helped me so much. if you struggle with flat hair, have a look at this one. it works so well and it is from the drugstore so not as expensive.

thats it for my april favorites, i hope you enjoyed them and let me know which one are yours. i love you and we are really close to reach 200 followers on gfc, lets go crazy and hit that goal.


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