Sleek Face Contour Kit

Sleek Face Contour Kit; 12.99€

i don’t remember when i started contouring my face but now its such a huge part of my make up routine and i really like shaping my face more. i think its awesome what a bit of bronzy powder can do. for over a year, i have been using the nars laguna bronzer from a bronzer and blush duo but i got a bit bored of using the same color plus i hit pan on it and i wanted to try something new. sleek has been around for a while, having cheap blushers with amazing pigmentation. sadly they aren’t available in german drugstores, so i finally found an online store that stocks them and i got myself some sleek products, including this beautiful face contour kit which i love a lot.

it comes in a little trio, including a bronzer, highlighter and blush. i got the one for fair skin as my skin is as white as a wall. the bronzer is matte and richly pigmented, it is the perfect contour color for fair skin, it easy to blend and shapes my face so well, i even enjoy it more than nars laguna which is a total surprise. the highlight is really pigmented and i would suggest using teeny bits of it. otherwise you would end up looking like edward cullen and who wants that?! but its lovely down the bridge of my nose and the blush is awesome. a rich coraly pinky shade with awesome shimmer. its a bit like orgasm but more coraly which makes you skin look fresh and awake. a huge plus.

all in all, i find the kit being the perfect one to shape and your face and its super affordable. i really got into sleep blushes and have a few single ones that i adore and i will review them any time soon. have you tried this kit or have you used any of the sleek blushes? how do you like them? i love you guys.


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