{Blogmas 2013} Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk; 5,49
nyx has been all over youtube lately but i never really got into it as there was no store where i was able to try their products. the only contact i’ve ever had with nyx was with some eyeshadow which i didn’t like, so i kinda forgot about this brand. lately, i’ve been loving a bright highlight in the inner corners of my eyes and i needed some kind of eye pencil to make my eyes look even brighter.
when i was browsing around a little mall which is a bit outside of berlin i found the most amazing nyx display and was so super excited to see all the products in person. the jumbo eye pencils looked so awesome and the milky white color just caught my eye, so i picked it up.
the pencil itself looks super simple, just like a crayon and i must say, the tip is quite big which made me worry at first. the color pay off is awesome, a rich milky and a bit laid back white. ist just not to bright and light but perfect for any kind of highlight and brighten up your make up. i could imagine it being great as a little highlight on the bridge of your nose. it goes on super smoothly and is highly pigmented and super easy to blend. the big tip that i worried about is super easy to handle and not to big to work the color into the inner corners. i just dap it on and blend it with my fingers and i really love how it blends in with other eye shadows that i might have used. it just gives the right amound of highlight and i literally used it every single day.
so, if youre looking for an easy way to apply some lovely eye color, i would suggest checking this one out. they do it in tons of different colors and i really want to get some more because the price is just great and it would even be a great christmas present for someone.
i hope you enjoyed this little review with the festive background. i just feel so christmassy. haha.

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