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i don’t know who said this but someone said: “you’re not a real blogger unless you raved about the real technique brushes!“. so i guess, i might become a “real” blogger today. as i briefly mentioned in my last post, my best friend lena came home from texas and off course i picked her up from the airport, shuffed her two giant suitcases in my super small car and brought her back to her apartment where we chatted about her trip and i couldn’t put her new ipad down and she gave me some presents. i never asked her for something, it was a complete surprise…and i screamed. she brought me real techniques brushes by samantha chapman who is, as we all know, one of the pixiwoo sisters. i was beyond excited to try them. and i know that they are dirty. just because i used them.
the first new brush in my collection is the expert face brush. the packaging says it gives high definition results and if for liquid or cream foundation, which are the only tipes of foundations i use. the brush should give the face a pixel perfect outlook. the bristles are super thick and make is so easy to buff in the foundation and it blends so easily. i always loved my beauty blender and the work both as good. the expert face brush is for sure the best foundation brush i’ve ever used. the thick bristles give the same effect like my beauty blender. just awesome. 
lena also brought me this limited edition of duo-fiber brushes. it comes with a face brush which is great for powder and loose pigments. i love how soft the bristles are and use it to set my make up with powder. it gives a really natural look which i love. i also used it to apply highlighter which i find it even better for. it really gets the top of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose so well that i will probably use it for highlighter for often than for what it actually should be used.
the duo-fiber contour brush is for controlled contouring and sculpting and its perfect to contour my nose. the brush head itself is small and kinda pointy which makes if perfect to make the nose appear slimmer. it really get enough of my nars laguna and gives the perfect result. as it is a little so small to contour my cheek bones it really is good for controlled and effective sculpting.
the last one is a eye brush. its super fluffy and soft and i love it for blending and highlighting my eye make up.
all in all, i guess i am a “real” blogger now. i love the expert face brush its just perfection in a brushy outlook and i really, really like the duo-fiber ones eventhough i don’t really use them for that they are supposed to be used for. they are such awesome quality and i wish i could get them in germany. i just don’t like ordering beauty supplies and i wish i could just go and buy every single one to try out.
so, i bet everyone whos reading this already tried some real techniques but if you haven’t: go and get the expert face brush. it is truly amazing and i will use it every single day from now on. i would love to know what your favourite real techniques brush is. 

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