Mac Creme Cup

Mac Creme Cup; 19€
i think most of you already know about my love for mac products. maybe its because we don’t have any nice drugstore make up in germany, maybe its just the fact that mac products are such great quality. i started collecting mac lipsticks a while ago and like to add a new baby to my collection whenever i have some money left.
i was out for dinner with a lovely friend of mine and we popped into a mac store after we finished and i just couldn’t resist. i was looking for a perfect pinky nude color for a while now and thought about getting angel but creme cup was just way prettier and i wore it every single day since i got it.
creme cup is a cremesheene lipstick which means its not as pigmented as a matte one would be and alot more creamy and moisturizing which i find to be perfect when it comes to nude colors which i wear alomost every day. cremesheens just feel really nice and light on the lips and they are the perfect every day lipstick.
creme cup is a really, really beautiful pinky nude color with a hint of gold in it. its that one color that you pop and its like your natural lip color but better, if that makes any sense. the color is slightly lighter than my natural lip color would be which makes it look super chic and it brings out the pinky undertones in my skin so beautifully.
its one of those colors that matches every make up and adds the final touch to the face. the total make up just looks more done with a lipstick like creme cup.
as i told you, i was looking at angel before but angel is, in fact, alot heavier and looked a little “too much” on me.
as all my mac lipsticks, its long lasting, feels awesome on the lips and doesn’t smudge everywhere. i just love the mac packaging as it looks so super chic.
for me, its the nude i was looking for. it suits my skin tone so well, very light on the lips and just looks soooo beautiful. if you’re on the hunt for a great pinky nude color, creme cup is a color you should have look at, if you’re willing to spend i little more money on a lipstick. i know that 19€ are alot of money but whenever i get something as pretty as creme cup, it doesn’t hurt as bad.
i’ve been not the best blogger lately. alot of work and i still am a little sick but i really wanted to share my newest mac baby with you. my bestie came back home from texas yesterday and she brought me the most amazing present ever. make sure to keep your eyes peeled. it will be featured on my blog anytime soon. love you guys.

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