Ombré Hair Care Routine

the ombré trend was huge in 2013 and still is and i also jumped on the band wagon and bleached the very ends of my hair. my hairstory is quite dramatic and i had to cut my hair really short so as soon as it grew longer i wanted to show it to everyone. ombré gives the hair, in my opinion, alot my texture and makes long hair look more interesting but its bleached which is not good for your hair at all. however, my hair grew alot this year and i’m finally confident about it again. off course, every single persons head of hair needs a different treatment and only if you find your best hair treatment it will grow fast and look healthy and just good but i want to share my hair care routine with you to may give some of you guys an idea what would work for their hair aswell.
 Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner; 5,25€ each
my sculpt is beyond sensetive so its really hard to find a shampoo that doesn’t make it freak out and aussie is just the best at the moment. i went for the miracle moist range as my hair tends to get quite dry and its also made for damaged hair and bleaching hair damages the hair quite alot. its make with macadamia nut oil which is supposed to give the hair the moisture it needs. i love the aussie smell. like bubblegum. the ones that are pink and i used to love when i was a kid and i just love the smell but what it does to my hair is amazing. it makes them soft and shiny and it feels awesome when i washes it and the days after. i usually wash me hair every second to third day which makes my hair look even better. washing your hair every day will dry it out and its not healthy at all.
  Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo; 8,95€
blond hair tends to get quite yellowy and bronzy from time to time and this is really not what you want. a purple toning shampoo can be used to knock out the discoloration. its basically is a shampoo with a scarry looking deep purple color which even turns the water in your shower purple but it makes the blond look really blond again and the shampoo with the best results, to me, is the lee stafford one which is not available in german drugstores. i picked it up in denmark. it is a toning shampoo which changes the color of your hair. thats why it shouldn’t be used more than twice a week. i use it one a week and it works really great for me and i highly recommend it if you have bleached hair. try it.
these hair products work great with my hair and i would give them a go if you’re looking for new hair care products. i’m not using a hair mask right now as i haven’t found the perfect one. i really want to try the tigi s factor mask and the whole range in general. 
i hope you guys enjoyed my post. i’m sick in bed and i kinda forgot what feeling sick was. i wasn’t sick in months and i hate it. anyway, blogging makes me feel better. thank you guys for everything.

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