July Favourites

the year seems to pass by faster when you sum up your favourite products every months because i just can not believe that it is already august. like…hooooow?! but the month of july has been really good to me and i had alot of time to test and get to love new beauty products that i want to share with you. most of them are featured in my summer haul because i got most of them while i was in denmark and sweden.
i’ve been trying alot of new hair products and one of them is the lee staffortd bleach blondes shampoo for bleached hair. it is a blond toner which should knock out bronzy and yellowy tones out of bleaches hair like my ombré. i use it once a week and it really keeps my blond blond. if that makes any sense. it looks quite scarry because it is a deep purple which looks like you’re about to dye your hair but it works and love it.
summer is perfect for beachy waves and the tony & guy sea salt spray is just perfect for a messy hair look. i love it and use it every single day. its just the most awesome sea salt spray i’ve ever tried. its just a haircare must for me.
to keep my hair in place i’ve been loving the tony & guy extreme hold hairspray and it makes my hair stay in place and doesn’t leave it crunchy or stiff at all and i really like the smell. its just like the stuff hairdressers use. one of the best hair sprays i’ve used so far.
my lips are were kinda dry. maybe i’m using alot of lipstick lately and i wanted to do something for them. the burts bees lip balm is perfect for that. its really minty and fresh and makes my lips feel good from the moment i put it on and really makes a huge difference. my lips have never been so soft and i just love it.
i wear my almost everyday and i was looking for a new one. i don’t really like the pencil ones and most of the liquid ones are not my cup of tea either. the astor 24h gel eyeliner is just perfection to me. i love gel liner. its just so super easy to apply and is just black and longlasting. the brush comes with it and its just perfect for a winged eyeliner. its in the kinda cap of it and it has been the best eyeliner i’ve been trying so far.
i think the kate moss lipsticks are just my babies. i just love them and use them at least twice a week. i own them in the colors 107 and 01. just the perfect red lipsticks and they are from the drugstore. bargain.
in terms of nails i loved the lycra polishes by rimmel london in britpop and urban purple. i love the colors, a bright tealy blue and a deep red with slightly purpely undertones. the finish is awsome. super shiny and gel like and they last super, super long. i wish i’ve picked up some more of them. they are fab.
for my skin, or my skin has been loving the origins drink up intensive overnight mask. super easy to apply and use and it works soooo amazing. my skin looks just awesome when i put it on and its really addicting. really worth trying eventhough its a little pricey.
my random favourite is kinda geeky and weird but i love it. its a game for the nintendo 3ds and it is animal crossing; new leaf. there were some other animal crossing versions out before and i looooved the wild world one. its basically about you, living in a cute little city and being the mayor of it which means taking care of it and building it up. its just sooo cute and just so relaxing to play and its kinda hard to explain but the trailer is worth watching and i have been loving it and still love it. eventhough its weird.
i hope you enjoyed my favourites and i would love to know what you have been using alot lately. i just love trying out new products. love you.

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