Topshop; Infrared

Topshop Infrared; 10€
i don’t know why but theres still no topshop anywhere in germany. really, really sad. so i got even more excited about my summer holiday when i found out there is a topshop in gotenburg. in the end, it wasn’t as exciting (more about that in my upcoming video) but i picked up something from the topshop make up range. a lipstick and probably one of the most well known ones in the blogger community. its infrared. known as zoes, or zoellas, favourite topshop lipstick but i didn’t get it because of that fact. the color is just so me. i love oranges or orange toned lipstick because i feel like it suits my skin tone really, really well.
normally i don’t go for make up thats made by clothing stores or whatever but even the packaging of the lipstick looks awesome. i love the black and white outlook and even the little black box that it comes in. really chic.
i find it to be really creamy which makes it super easy to apply and the pigmentation is amazing, eventhough it is really buildable which makes it easy to wear for ” bright lip beginners and i like to wear it really bright. because of its creamyness it feel just perfect on the lips. i just don’t like lipsticks that dry out my lips and this one doesn’t.
it does stay on well but my mac lipsticks stay on way longer but its still really, really good and way better than i expected. onto the color itself, i just screams summer and i’m sure i’ll be wearing it in the winter time aswell to bring a little bit more brightness into the colder months. just lovely. oranges are just colors i find myself always going back to.
all in all, i’m really happy with my first topshop lipstick. i love the color, the packaging and the texture and i’m sure it won’t be the last topshop lipstick i‘m getting. they are just so lovely and high quality for a make up that comes out of a clothing store.
it feels so great to write a review. the past two weeks had been lovely but i’m happy to be home and full on blogging again and there might be some changes on my blog in the next months or so. i‘m excited. so i hope you guys are fine and i love you.
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