Kate Moss Lipsticks

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks in 01 & 107; 7,28€ each
its me again, the lipstick loving girl. i showed these pretty little babies in my last haul and thought i would give you guys a closer look at them because these two drugstore lipsticks are about to become my favourite lipsticks. the rimmel lipstick collection by kate moss is really, really well known in the blogger community and i know that i’m probably really late on the band waggon but they are so hard for me to get and when i saw them in a danish drugstore, i just had to get them. i went for the red ones because red lipsticks are my favourites to wear and these ones just caught my attention. the euro price is from the asos website.
the color 01 is a really rich and true cherry red which is, to me, really similar to mac russian red but just not matte. it goes on really creamy and easily and stays in place. i wear it for hours and hours and only have to reapply it once. the color comes out in a such beautiful way and doesn’t dry out the lips at all. a huge plus for me. this red is the perfect everyday red for me because it stays on for a really long time and looks just amazing. the pigmentation is a-mazing and 01 is probably the best drugstore lipstick i’ve ever tried and trying this lipsticks makes me even more sad about not having rimmel in germany. its just awesome. a must if you love a great red lip look.
107 is a even deeper red with a hint of an aubergine color in it and the pigmentation is awesome. to me, this one is more of a night out or night time red. i like to wear it when i’m out for a few drinks or clubbing. its just such a deep color which looks great with my mostly monochrome outfits. its goes on as smoothly as 01 and stays just in place all the time. again, a perfect red lipstick from the drugstore.
all in all, the kate moss lipsticks are the most awesome drugstore lipsticks i’ve ever tried and are one of my favourite red to use. i wish i had rimmel in germany because i would by every single kate moss lipstick for sure.
i did a little vlog lately...in a different way. hope you like it.
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