if i had alot of money

there are some fashion items out there that are a huge investment but at the same time items i dream about for years. the three above. i don’t know when i will get them but one day they will be mine.
1. Fossil Stella Rosegold; 129€
i love rosegold for ages now and i normally don’t like watches but when i first saw this one i fell in love with it. i know, its no micheal kors watch, simply because i don’t like micheal kors and fossil ones are just much better. its just a simple watch without any glitzy stones or anything and i would love to wear this watch on my wrist someday.
2. Jeffrey Campbell Lita; 179,95€
litas are just the perfect shoes in my eyes. i own alot of lita dupes and love them. the thick heel and plateau make them really comfy to walk in and the fact that they are really tight around the foot makes it even better to walk in them the whole night without any pain. i love litas for years now and i know that i will get several pairs of them one day. doesn’t matter if they are in style or not.
3. Louis Vuitton Speedy 35; 630€
well, this is the one and only splurge object but i love louis vuitton handbags since i know who louis vuitton is. i feel like they are a really classy piece and i only love that print because its a little more chic to me than the other ones showing the louis vuitton sign all the way. the speedy 35 has the perfect handbag size to me and fits quite alot of stuff. just the one fashion piece that i would love to own and, off course, buy it with my own money. that would make me really proud. 
so, now you know what my top fashion items are that i would get if i had alot of money and that are on the top of my wishlist of things i can’t afford. i would love to know if you have items like them on a kinda wishlist. i also want you to keep your eyes peeled because there is something really exciting going to happen with my blog. so get excited guys.

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