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you may noticed that i was not blogging for a while and the reason for that is that i had to prepare myself for a big presentation i had to do for my graduation and now that i’m done with it, i tought it would be a good idea to show you how you prepare yourself for a presenation. first of all, preparing the presenation is a must. it took us three month to finish it and you really want to take your time to do the research, to prepare the actual presentation and to learn about the topic your talking about. for me it is easier to work in a group but if you do better on your own, its fine too. just make sure you actually do something for your presenatation because it will pay off in the end. you might be a little afraid to talk infront of other people so make sure how many are watching you and start talking in front of your parents and friends to improve yourself. make sure you are on time with finishing your presentation so you can practice the entire presentation the week end or the days before you have to present it.

please don’t study and practice all night before your “presentation date”. it will not improve you, it will just stress you out. so set yourself a time limit and practice till 7 pm and then stop and relax. for me its really important to have a little me time before. take a long, relaxing bath and try to not think about the presentation at all. i really enjoyed the “twilight” ballistic from lush the night before. treat yourself with a face mask and wear your comfly clothes after getting out of the bath. shut down your laptop or computer and watch a “feel good” movie like 500 days of summer or watch some episodes of your favourite tv show to calm down. you may want some tea that includes ingedients that make you sleep better because you will need your sleep.

get up in time the next day so you don’t have to rush and i know, you will be excited and nervous as hell but take your time to get some healthy breakfast and a cup of tea or fresh juice to energize yourself. skipping breakfast can make you feel dizzy and i bet you don’t want that at all. if you really struggle with your nerves i suggest getting some rescue drops. thats how they are called in germany. they are 100% natural and will calm you down. i took some myself and i felt so much better after that. don’t forget to take some water with you and some dextrose. for me water and dextrose are musts whenever i do such a presentation or exam.

choose clothing you feel comfy in. like your favourite pair of jeans or pants, i wore my disco pants, and a blouse of sweater that looks cute on but makes you feel super, super good about yourself. theres nothing worse than wearing uncomfy clothing durring exams or presentations. if the teachers that are in the presenation with you don’t know your name or don’t know your group members very well, it is a great idea to paint or print shirts with your name on them or get some name buttons. we painted shirts with our names on and the teachers loved the idea.

choose a hair style you feel good with. i hate when my hair is down durring a presentation and to keep it out of my face i go for messy but cute buns.they look good and keep my hair in place. for make up, go simple. don’t go for heavy eye shadows or lots of color. go for a natural look with bright but natural eyes. something you feel good and not over done with and something that don’t make your worry about lipstick on your teeth or panda eyes.

remind yourself to be confident. you are well prepared and you know what you are talking about. don’t panic and don’t bring yourself down by thinking about failing or something. you won’t cause you are prepared. think about how happy you will be when you’re done and start with a smile and prositive attitude. take your time to talk and remind yourself to stay cool. take your water bottle to the front with you so you can take a sip if you need to. remind yourself that you are the expert right now. i was really nervous before but when it started, i felt all good inside and was able to do my best and thats what you should do. do your best. you don’t have to be the best, but your best.

i hope that helped some of you. since my semester will be over on friday,  i will have so much time for blogging again. eventhough there are my written exams and an oral exam to do. are you interested in more of those prepare yourself posts? i could show you how i study or healthy snacks to bring to exams. tell me if you would like to read that. i love you guys.

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