statement necklace collection

♥ all necklaces by h&m 

♥ necklace by forever 21 

♥ 1st: h&m; 2nd: missguided; 3rd: forever 21 

♥ necklace by forever 21 

diamonds are a girls best friend, right? for me, jewelry is a must no matter what outfit i wear. even some tiny little earrings can add the little extra to the outfit but my favourite jewlery piece are statement necklaces and yes, i own alot. the ones above are just my favourites. statement necklaces caught my eye when dulce (her youtube channel) first talked about them and hauled them in the beginning of 2012. it was love from the first sight. i’ve always loved necklaces but the longer ones tend to tangle or like swing around all day and they do annoy me durring the day. but statement ones just add the glam and chic to every single outfit. a plain black shirt looks great with one of the necklaces above. as you can see i rather go for golden ones since they complement my skintone a little  bit more. everytime i go out and have a little shopping trip, i could pick up all the necklaces out there. so yes, they are my obsession and i honestly can’t stop loving and wearing them. i don’t even know which one i like the most. so guys, whenever you are not sure about any outfit, you better put on a nice, glammy statement necklace and you’re good to go and don’t worry, they can look edgy and casual too.
so, do you have a favourite from the ones shown above or do you even like statment necklaces? i also went to primark and have a huuuuuuuge haul coming up that i have to film. its just to much to fit into a blogpost. i hope you don’t mind.
have a great day and lots of love.

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