rose crowned dreams

its so freezing cold that i’m not even able to go outside. the cold wind makes my face feel numb and i don’t like taking pictures of me wearing a big and puffy jacket. thats why i had a little shooting in my house, putting on some flower headbands to add a bit of spring to the pictures. the last days had been pretty tough eventhough i only had classes on monday and thursday this week but since its fashion week theres so much going on plus i had so much work to do. finals are close. my fashion week day was friday. i went with lena (her blog) for some food sins. wonder waffel was our place to go, fighting ourselves through the cold. being incredibly happy and filled with a strawberrie, milkchocolate, banana, toffifee waffle, we made our way to the lavera showfloor where we met a friend and had  some nice hours in the fashion world. the fabryan london show was amazing. i loved it. earlier that day, i went to my local benefit counter and accidently picked up two things which was kinda naughty but the lovely lady, somehow, was impressed by me and offered me to do my entire make up with benefit products. so lovely. how was your week? have you ever been to fashion week? or are you even in berlin right now? i would love to know that. hope everyone is alright and has a blessed week end. love you.

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