january favourites

the month of january is nearly over now and,oh my god, time runs. so much work to do. but it also means that my little spot on the internet exists for over a month now and i’m incredibly proud. i loved to use quite a number of beauty products over the past four weeks on a daily basis and would love to present them to you in this post. i love favourites post or videos since they give an idea what alot of people like using so whats worth investing and trying out.

♥ chloé eau de parfum; around 50€ 

i got this one for christmas and chloé was my favourite scent since one of my best friends got it like two years ago. whenever someone is wearing it, i can tell. chloé is made to show french charme, with rose, peony and  lychee accents. magnolia, lily of the valleys, amber and ceders. just lovely.its not sweet and not to floral. just a really unique scent i’ve never smelled before. not even something close to it. 

♥ p2 make up fixing spray; 3,95€ 

as the crazy make up freak that i am, i want my make up to stay on as long as possible without having to touch it up alot. make up fixing sprays seemed to be a good way to do so. p2 is a drugstore brand which made the product really affordable. it smells really fresh and eventhough it looks really wet, nearly oily when it is sprayed on, it does dry matte and gives a naturaly finish and it really helps. my make up stayed on nearly all day what actually really surprised me but i use it everyday since and really love it. 

♥ babylips by maybelline 

the babylips lipbalms recently came out in german drugstores but i picked up mine in nyc last fall. i had my babylips with my for a long time but when i repacked my schoolback for my last semster, they somehow made their way out of my schoolback which made me use them more often. the pink one gives a really nice pinky, shimmery finisch to the lips and is really moisturizing. i keep my baby lips with me all the time and can not imagine not using them.

♥ benefit “earase paste”; 27 

i know, i just mentioned it in my last post but i love it sooooo much. its so worth the money. the “how to” booklet that comes with it is really helpful and i use it as its described. the paste brightens up the whole face and gives a full, full, full coverage. get one that is a little lighter than your skin tone to get the perfect result. it has a quite thick consistency to it but thats not a big deal for me. i just love to use it and even my friends asked me why i look so bright and awake even on mondays. the earase paste is the solution. 

♥ essie metallics nailpolish in blue rhapsody; around 7€ 

this one came with my december glossybox,which i wrote an entire blogpost about. i was really excited about this product cause i wanted to get a shiny silver nailpolish for a longer time. one coat of polish is perfectly fine with this one and its soooo shiny and shimmery. i use it almost everytime i do my nails and got great compliments on it. 

♥ p2 perfect eyes! base; around 3€ 

last but not least an eye primer. something that i have to apply before getting my eye make up on. my urban decay primer potion that came with my naked original palette was empty and since i can’t get it here, i had to go for something else. i went for this one basically cause it was a drugstore one i didn’t want to spend lots on a new base but this one worked so good. i wasn’t able to see a difference to the urban decay one. it just does what it should do: keeping my eyeshadow and liner in place. this base is such a bargain.

that was my first monthly favourites post. yaay. i hope you liked it. if you have some products you used alot this month,please let me know. 

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