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Going – Out when its still Cold

I think we can all agree that this winter hasn’t been the coldest and the warm rays of sun¬†lately make spring feel near but I don’t like to get my…

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How to be a Tourist in your own City

I would say I’m quite lucky to be born in a vibrant and also very trendy city: Berlin. I love my home and am very proud to call myself a “berliner”.…

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Valentine’s Day with Lush

if you are a long term reader of this blog you will know about my love and probably obsession with lush. there’s nothing like a big bath filled with scented bubbles…

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Let’s Glow

oh well, long time no post. I took a wee break to get creative again and also because I needed a break to figure life out, at least a bit.…

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Looking back at 2018

oh hello and welcome to 2019. it’s a new year, a fresh start and a whole new story to write and experience. some might not be a huge fan of…

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4 Festive Activities

with the pre-Christmas stress hitting hard and the last deadlines to meet, I often forget to truly enjoy this very beautiful time of year and hardly ever tick all the…

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My Family’s Christmas Traditions

Christmas is all about being surrounded by loved ones and enjoying the calmness of this beautiful celebration. there’s nothing like sitting around my parents’ kitchen table with nothing but candles…

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Countdown to Christmas #4

december is going by too quickly. I feel like the few weeks we have in the year to enjoy the festive period are just not enough. I need more time…

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Festive Beauty Picks

with all the parties and festive gatherings ahead, being sure of your perfect festive beauty routine and how to look your personal best is a must. with all the before…

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Countdown to Christmas #3

oh my loves, its finally December. the best month of the year. I can’t quite fathom it yet as the year just flew by but I’m also beyond excited. I can’t…

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Hello Lovely!

Welcome to Elena Isabelle; A personal Blog about everything I am passionate about from Fashion to Beauty and a little bit of Interior and other Lifestyle Topics thrown in the mix. I hope you will enjoy your stay and lets get browsing!

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