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At my Bathtub

Oh I just love a good bath and cherish them very much. It’s me time and time to unwind and relax. I talk about lush and bath products on a…

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I joined the Cult

Yes, I did it. I joined the Cult. Not as dramatic as it might sound despite being absolutely obsessed with a podcast all about different kinds of cults but I’m…

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A Guide to Lisse Flowerfields

for some reason, flowers just make me incredibly happy. I love looking at them and being surrounded by them. as soon as spring rolls around I get extremely excited and…

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What I want to do this April

oh hello my lovely April, I have missed you. April is one of my favourite months because it means spring is arriving in Germany, finally. it always takes a tad…

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Why its okay to not have a Plan

I’m not going to lie, I love a good plan and I love planning. It just the sweet sense of security and purpose to me when I know where I’m…

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What I bought in London

what would be a trip away without a little haul? for some, shopping might be the biggest torture and something they don’t want to do when having free time but…

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Greetings from London

well, there’s nothing I would want to do more at this very moment than typing this post up from London and not about London being back home. it sounds so cheesy and…

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Going – Out when its still Cold

I think we can all agree that this winter hasn’t been the coldest and the warm rays of sun¬†lately make spring feel near but I don’t like to get my…

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How to be a Tourist in your own City

I would say I’m quite lucky to be born in a vibrant and also very trendy city: Berlin. I love my home and am very proud to call myself a “berliner”.…

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Valentine’s Day with Lush

if you are a long term reader of this blog you will know about my love and probably obsession with lush. there’s nothing like a big bath filled with scented bubbles…

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Hello Lovely!

Welcome to Elena Isabelle; A personal Blog about everything I am passionate about from Fashion to Beauty and a little bit of Interior and other Lifestyle Topics thrown in the mix. I hope you will enjoy your stay and lets get browsing!

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