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Blogger, YouTuber and Breakfast Food Lover ❩

my name is Elena Isabelle, I'm from Berlin, Germany.

I started this little spot on the internet when I didn't know what do with myself and my life and when I was not happy in general to cheer me up and share my ever-growing love for everything beauty and fashion and alongside my youtube channel, this is my creative outlet and happy place. since most of my friends weren't as crazy about new beauty launches and spending yet another 50 quit on a new naked palette I was looking for people who are like-minded and share the same passion as I do and I also love spending a fair few amounts of time online admiring peoples expensive handbags and brave style which inspires me to venture out more and actually dress the way I want to dress and feel confident about myself.

I always like to think of the good old lookbook.nu days, the days I started getting into photography and capturing my style and life in pictures and certainly sharing them online as well as always trying to get better. I challenge myself to find my own style and way of doing it. I like dreamy and magical outfit posts, the ones that are just a tad different and I try my best to achieve that in my own work.

my boyfriend and I currently live in our cute little apartment with our cats Fynn and Nami. When I'm not writing blog posts, I'm probably shopping at Primark, baking, taking a lush bath or dreaming of a pinterest like house.

I know there are many blogs around and I'm not trying to be extra or pretend like I'm a super special blogger because I'm probably not and I'm certainly not the only one who chats about makeup and their newest purchases online but I know I am passionate, driven and I always want to do my absolute best when it comes to my online content, so if you are interested in being featured on my blog and working with me, you can contact me via loovelle0@googlemail.com


Where are you from?
Berlin, Germany

Do you speak German?
Yes, I do

Why do you blog in English?
I feel more comfortable with it and just love the English speaking community so much more.

How did you learn to speak English so well?
I always loved learning English and other languages. I also was an exchange student in England and the US.

Which Equipment do you use?
For editing, i use Photoshop, Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro
For Instagram, I use AfterLight and VSCO Cam
My Camera was a Canon 600d and from January 2017 it is
the Canon 70d with either a 50mm 1.8 or a 18-55mm lens

Who takes your Photos?
Me, my Mum or my Boyfriend who is a great Photographer


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  1. I just knew you were a law student! I love your blog even more now ;)



all your lovely comments really make my day. i may not reply to everyone but trust me, my heart is filled with joy whenever someone of you is writing me.
feel hugged. ♥

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