Makeup Items I have been loving recently

what can I say? I’m a luxury makeup lover through and through and just get so much joy out of applying my makeup in the morning. its my little moment of zen and gets me ready for a productive day ahead. recently, I have been adding a fair few new items into my daily routine and even did a big sephora shop whilst being in barcelona before germany went into lockdown. maybe you are on the hunt for something new to add to your routine as well or you are after a little treat during this rough time, I got you with this one. If you prefer a natural and glowy look, I’m your gal.

ever since I saw bloggers unboxing the NARS tinted glow booster I knew it had to be mine. I have been loving NARS face products for years. they always agree with my skin and have the loveliest finish. It can be used by itself or mixed in with your favourite foundation for some extra glow and I use it daily. its not a sweaty or wet look, its really subtle and has no visible chunks of glitter. Its just a lovely and healthy glow.

Not only have I been loyal to NARS for years but also to Charlotte Tilbury, especially the Pillow Talk line. I have picked up the Cheek Pop Blush in Barcelona and its beautiful. Not too pink and bright but adds so much life to my complexion and a little glow as well. its also a huge pan and I use it daily. Another item out of the Pillow Talk line is the kohl eyeliner. Its a beautiful warm toned brown. I have been moving away from liquid liner for a while and this kind of brown really compliments my brown eyes but also gives a very soft glam look. its beautiful.

One items thats actually not new is the hourglass scattered light eyeshadows. they are so beautiful to use and a very effortless wash of colour and the shade smoke has been my go to lately. its the perfect shimmery bronzy brown. they eyeshadows are also super easy to blend and use as eyeliner too. after being into the matte lips for years, maybe even a century, I prefer a glossy lip now and I even got a real lip gloss and I love it. its the dior lip maximizer and to be fair it doesn’t really make them huge or hurt, it just plumps them a little bit and adds to the pout. it also has a non-sticky feel and I absolutely love using it.

what about you? what makeup items have you been using lately? let me know.


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