What I plan and hope for in the upcoming 6 months

what a first half of 2020 it has been and although january feels like an eternity ago, some months barely exist in my memory. what did I do in march and april? probably playing animal crossing whilst isolating with my boyfriend and cats. most of the plans we set out for 2020 are postponed or cancelled and since 2020 seems to be very unpredictable, I’m a bit hesitant to get into full planning mode. a very new concept. I like planning ahead and knowing what the next few months bring but even though I back at work and life is slowing picking up again, there still is the feeling of uncertainty in every step I take. I’m still taking each day as it comes and just floating along and being. this year has been a learning curve and set back, one that cut me deeply and forced me to heal. On new years day 2020 I felt like this year would be a rebirth of me and I didn’t anticipate how painful that one would be but beautiful nontheless.

Since it has been such a wild ride, it seems tempting to just write the year off and let it go but there’s still 6 months left. as terrifying as that might sound. I’m ready to embrace it and even though I’m taking it very easy on the planning side theres still little things I want to do with the remainings of 2020.

find a new home

its no secret that home is one of the most important things in my life. I need to feel comfortable and adore my interior design. as much as I love our current flat and it has been the most perfect home for the past years, we have grown out of it. Its just a bit too small for the both of us and to be fair, I’m ready for a fresh start interior wise. we probably would have moved earlier but due to a pandemic, we had to postpone it. we are in no way rushing and we want to take our time to really find the perfect place which will have enough space for out current and future family and I would absolutely love to find a new place for us by the end of the year.

healing and finding peace

if you follow me on instagram you would have witnessed me opening up about my struggles with anxiety and depression caused by various traumatic events in late 2019/early 2020. it has been and still is one of the darkest times and I really have to focus on healing and taking care of myself. I’m having professional help but its a journey and I’m aware it will take me a while to fully heal but I have to make it a priority and it will be for the next 6 months. there will be times I feel extremely low or times I want to do more than I should. Its all about finding peace and putting myself and my mental health first.

fully embracing seasons

if you know me, you will know I love everything seasons related and festive, especially autumn and christmas. its just part of who I am and due to everything going on in my life in late 2019 , I had no time to enjoy my favourite months of the year and to be honest, I didn’t expect to be as miserable about it. this year I want to embrace it as much as I can. Be it festive activities, decor and fashion, I will do it all and probably share it all. it gives me so much happiness and makes me enjoy the moment and create memories to look back on.

attend to my passions

my blog and youtube were left out majorly in the past months and it really hurt and bothered me. having such a passion for everything blogging and social media and not being able to devote my time to it was the worst. I love pouring my creativity into my posts and it was part of my daily routine for so long. its one of my main goals to get back into my routine with it and finally commit to it again. I also want to finally take youtube seriously. It has been my dream to vlog and share my life for ages but I chicken out every time and I feel like I will regret it if I don’t give it my all.


Dress: Twisted Wunder via ASOS

Bag: Cult Gaia

Boots: New Look via ASOS

what about you. do you have anything planed for the upcoming 6 months or are you taking it easy and just seeing where things go? let me know.


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