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I know makeup isn’t any kind of priority right now and to be fair, I didn’t used to ware any in the first days of self isolation but to me theres only so many days I can go without any kind of effort, just in pyjamas and with my hair up in a bun. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen that I already cut myself a quarantine fringe and thankful didn’t end up looking like Joe Exotic but in the recent days it became part of my self-care routine and made me feel so much better of myself to just put a little bit of makeup on. It just makes me feel put together and more productive during this nomansland of days. I prefer a very glowy, yet flawless finish and I have found a few products which make that just happen for me.

I’m a sucker for high-end makeup and one brand I have been really loyal to especially when it comes to foundations is NARS. they recently came out with a tinted glow booster which I just needed to try. It can be used on its own or mixed in with any other foundation. I have tried a fair few glow enhancing products and big chunks of glitter or shimmer are a big no-no for me and luckily it has none of that. It’s more of an even sheen and glow which just achieves a lovely glow without making me look sweaty or wet. I do like it on its own but when I want to opt for a perfected look I add some foundation. Lately, I have been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation. I have a thing for Charlotte Tilbury too and I adore how light it feels on the skin but it also makes it look even and perfected but not flat. The colours are perfect and it works so well with the NARS glow booster. Now, I have a thing with blush and can’t go a day without it. A very glowy option is where it’s at for me. I recently picked up the Pillow Talk cheek to chic blush and even if it looks a bit like a boob it gives the best glow and the most natural flushed look. It is very glowy but I can’t go a day without a highlighter and there’s one I have been using for years. It the Anastasia Beverly hills amrezy highlighter. the most perfect shade and glow to ever exist and it finishes everything off perfectly.

I hope during this time makeup can give you joy and can take your mind off things. It has helped me a lot. if you have any glow products to recommend, please let me know.


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