Skincare Products that really made a difference

how is everyone holding up during this weird time? I hope you all are safe and in good spirits despite everything going on and I really hope you find peace for yourself and don’t feel to drowned or anxious.

I, myself, have found myself in a bit of a rut recently but one good thing is that I suddenly have a load more time for self-care and grounding myself which I desperately need. One big part of my self-care routine is keeping up a skincare routine and over the years I really found products which make the difference and truly work for me. I like to keep it simple but effective to really look after my skins needs. So if you are looking to up your skincare routine or are in the hunt for new products to use, lemme talk you through.

Serums are probably some of my favourite products to exist and there’s one serum I have been using religiously every morning and night for over 4 years and its the The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. I have never used a serum which makes my skin look and feel so good. It plumps my skin instantly and hydrates and nourishes it like no other. Its a cult products and if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t tried it I would highly recommend it.

My all-time favourite moisturizer has to be the Weleda skinfood light. I do use the original when my skin is particularly dry but the light version is so perfect. there’s nothing as nourishing and hydrating as the skin food and it just gives my skin this beautiful glow. It also works so well under make-up and I can’t see myself using a different moisturizer as the price and quality us unmatched.

There’s one step in skincare that is really important and it honestly took me maybe a little too long to add it to my routine because it took my a while to find one I really like and its SPF. So I found the Rudolph Care by Andrea Rudolph SPF 50 in Denmark and it’s amazing. It’s so light, leaves no weird white film and protects my skin especially since I use acids and retinol.

One of the main reasons why I needed to use an SPF daily is my love for Vitamin C in skincare. Its once again from the Ordinary and I use it every other day in the evening. it kind of tingles once its put on but it makes my skin so even and so glowy and has improved the overall appearance of my skin.

Another item rather than product I have been using lately is a rose quartz roller. It might sound a bit unnecessary but let me tell you, it’s so beautiful to use. It’s supposed to help with blood flow around the face and it feels so good and so relaxing. almost like a facial at home and since I do love my crystals, I love using their energy around me and in my routine too.

what about you? what are your favourite items and how do you look after your skin during this time? let me know!


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