Managing Long Hair in the Summer Heat

I must admit, I’m not very good with summer and as soon as august rolls around I’m basically ready for autumn. So you best believe that I’m burning an autumnal candle whilst typing this up. What I normally forget is that so many people are still preparing for their summer holiday and maybe one last heat wave coming up. Since I have already been on my summer holiday I always get shocked by the very last heat and struggle massively. One thing that I find really hard to manage in the heat is my hair. although I adore having long locks and even after cutting them a tiny bit, I would never go super short, not dying from a heat stroke is a true challenge sometimes. It’s everywhere, I feel like I get more sweaty around my head with long hair and its just not super fun especially when you’re commuting. Over the years, I have found a few ways to manage long locks in the summer heat and I thought I would share them with you. so hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the last days of summer without being mad about your hair and we all know that being mad at our hair is a different kind of mad.

Clip It

in my eyes, the current trends make it so easy to deal with hair in the summer heat or just deal with hair in general. as soon as I saw all the hair clips, especially the pearl ones, I knew I had to have them. I’m a magpie when it comes to pearls and need to have everything that comes with pearls. it’s not only a very beautiful accessory, I use them to make sure my hair is out of my face and stays put all day. I especially love them to pin half my hair back. It looks very elegant and is suitable for my daily work life. there are tons of hair clips out there and so many styles available. I’m not convinced that this is a style to eternity (let’s not talk about the flower crown phase) but I like having fun with it whilst it lasts.

Braid it

this basically is my emergency method and one that just works: it’s braiding my hair. I love a big dutch braid and not only does it look beautiful but it also keeps me cool. If I want to go the extra mile with my braid I use extensions to add thickness and volume to my hairstyles. Now, extensions in my life go all the way back and there was a time where I used them daily after really messing up my hair. a while back rubin extensions reached out to me and offered me to try one of their sets and I’m still blown away by the quality. they are so soft, very dense and so easy to take care off and style. I just clip them in and style them into my braid or ponytail if I need some volume there too. the extra thickness of extensions doesn’t add extra heat in my books and if you are in the market for new extensions, give rubin a go or just braid your hair.

Band it

another very trend way to make sure your hair is not all over your sweaty face but I’m seriously obsessed. one thing about headbands is that they always remind me of gossip girl and it can pretend I live in a fancy new york city apartment and go to a private school. it also means I can jazz up my mainly black work outfits and once again, I can keep my hair out of my face but still have it open. they make such a difference and since I adore any type of accessory, I won’t stop wearing them anytime soon.

I hope you do survive your heat waves and the last breaths of summer. I know there are days where I can just throw it up on a ponytail and hope for the best but on the other hot days, I want to still make an effort.


this post is in collaboration with rubin extensions on a gifting basis. all ideas and opinions are my own.

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