The Art of Writing

there’s a little drawer close to my desk and the only thing in it is cards or letters people have written to me before. some are years old and some are from my birthday a few months back. to me, it’s so special that someone sits down and takes time out of their day to actually write something just for me. with WhatsApp and iMessage at the ready 24/7 its so easy to just not write out a message to someone by hand and I actually love writing to people. I write postcards from every holiday I go and a birthday or Christmas card is a must for me. On top of that I actually still write letters. Most of them go to my granddad because he loves them and actually answers me.

When I was a kid a always got really envious of my mum and all the mail she was getting in the post on a daily. little did I know that it was all work-related and since she worked from home, it was all posted to us and they weren’t nice letters from someone. now that I’m an adult and live by myself, most letters are not nice either especially since I hardly get mail but it usually is my yearly electrical bill report or a reminder to pay the parking ticket I got. If that’s the same to you you can probably understand how exciting it is to find a letter in your mailbox that someone wrote just for you. Because its a form of art which has become pretty rare I thought I would dedicate a whole post to it.

The Cards

I just feel weirdly drawn in by beautiful cards and whenever I see cute ones I have to pick them up for my card stash. I usually limit myself to birthday or simple greeting cards but there’s so much more. If it was up to me, I would write a card for every occasion. There’s isn’t really a tradition here for moving card but I feel like there should be and I honestly would love to send out cards for Halloween, Easter and every other possible occasion too. just to spread the festive joy with everyone around. I also have deceloped a love for cute paper and envelopes for actual letters. sostrene grene is my favourite store to pick up beautiful and pretty unique paperie. a recent find for extremely beautiful card has been dille & kamille and tkmaxx is also one of my favourite places to stock up on cards.

The Digital

I might be completely clueless but I never knew that there was an option to pick, customize and send cards via email so I was gobsmacked when paperless post* contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try out their service. I just had to say yes because in this day and age with overflowing inboxes and most mail being handled digitally, its such a nice surprise to find a digital card among the junk mail and work-related conversations. Also, I don’t have some actual addresses and just the email to send something out. recently, one of my best friends got engaged with a beautiful Louis Vuitton pochette metis instead of a ring and I took the change and hopped right over to paperless post* to find a digital card to congratulate the both. The service is so easy: you pick a card which probably is the hardest part. they have designs from rifle paper co. to kate spade and you can customize everything about it. when you are done you can pay with their coins and send it out right away and it actually comes like a card with envelope. my friend was over the moon and I made it my mission to send out more digital cards.

The Pen-Pal

when I think of pen-pals, the first thing that comes to my mind is exchanging addresses with girls I met on holidays when I was a kid and write them a letter as soon as you got home. I haven’t had an adult pen-pal and to be fair, I don’t even know if they exist. The reason why I started writing my grandpa is that he sometimes sends me newspaper articles he found interesting and thanks me for birthday and Christmas gifts via letter. I just answered him and every now and then I find a letter in my mailbox. its not that we live ages away, he literally lives a 20-minute drive from my flat but I also do it for sentimental value. I’m so grateful to have him around and he is one of the most important people in my life but I know he won’t be there forever and its something I just cherish to have. handwritten letters from him. there was a time where he always put 5€ into the letters and I asked him to stop because I didn’t want him to feel like I was just writing him for the money. I just want to know his thoughts.

My Outfit

Dress: H&M

Headband: Zara

what about you? do you enjoy writing cards and/or letters? please let me know and if you know of any cute card places, please let me know.


this post in collaboration with paperless post. all opinions are as always my own.

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