Coming off the Pill – 5 Years Hormone Free

now, before we get started with this post I know that your sexual life and birth control is a very sensitive and personal subject and what you like doing and how and if you prevent an unwanted pregnancy and take care of your bodily and ultimately also mental health is completely up to you. although I believe an open conversation is needed, I still respect that not everyone is comfortable talking about it or asking for help which is why I feel like a blog post could be the perfect medium to do so. whilst I’m absolutely happy that birth control and especially hormonal free options are being discussed way more than even 5 years ago when I was in need of help and a different possibility myself, it’s so important to note that your decision shouldn’t be based on someone online. I could be an idea but please always consult a doctor. after the disaster with many influencers online promoting the temperature method as a form of birth control which actually was very irresponsible considering their audience. so maybe you’ll find yourself nodding away to this post or you just want to know about someone’s experience and want to find out whether it matches yours or you are curious, whatever it may be, my experience is in no way universal.

my experience

it has been almost exactly 5 years since I came off the pill for good and opted for a hormone-free option. I did a little post about my journey with the pill and why I decided to come off it here.

It was a few weeks ago when a reminder on my phone popped up to make an appointment for my annual smear test and gyn check-up which is the norm in Germany. You can and should go for a smear test once a year and its completely paid for by our health-care system. But it wasn’t only that I was reminded off. It was time to change my copper coil and to be fair, it was an appointment I dreaded. Even though getting my copper coil was the best decision for my health and overall well-being, it’s not exactly the nicest procedure but since I’m not wanting to get pregnant anytime soon, I booked my appointment ready for the replacement and it’s coming up in August. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really looking forward to it but it’s my only option and the only option I feel comfortable with.

Honestly never thought about how important and almost empowering it would be to me feel and experience a natural cycle. the copper coil is completely hormone-free and works with iones. because I got on the pill so early I would say I experienced my first proper cycle at 20. I feel sort of connected to myself and my body. Never once have I been surprised by my period, I just know when it happens. Although 5 years are a long time, I still know how I felt when I was still on the pill and drowning in side-effects. It was one of the worst mental-health periods I have ever had. I almost feel like with the pill came with a unified emotion that just didn’t vibe with how my body creates emotions. It was all a grey slump of nothingness mixed with horrible, horrible sickness. It was awful. I know now that my sickness wasn’t just because of the pill but because I have stomach issues but it hasn’t been this bad in 5 years and the most important thing: I still feel like me. I feel like my emotions are my own, my reactions are true and I feel connected to myself. I have no health issues which would potentially could be cured or at least helped with the pill.

what now?

well, I’m already mentally preparing for the replacement and hopefully, it will be over just as quickly and without any complications. I love that I essentially could become pregnant right after removing it but that’s not what want just yet. after all the years of being hormone-free, there’s no reason for me to go back. I just couldn’t imagine doing it and to be honest, I don’t want to experience the same side-effect again. my mental health is holy to me and I would never risk it. I have been in a committed relationship ever since and its the best option for me.

when you first start looking into all the options about birth control and what could work or what you could want, its so overwhelming and just so much. I hope my experience helped and if there are any more questions please leave them down below. my experience is just mine. there is no universal solution and maybe your situations is completely different. I just feel like the open conversation is one of the most important things about it.


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