My Skincare Saviours

there are many things I’m thankful for with this blogging journey and one of them is being able to educate myself and learn about skin care. When I was in my teens I was blessed with good skin but I had no idea how to take care of the few spots I had or how to make sure my dehydrated skin is well nourished. I must say, everything I learned about what to use to treat which condition I learned online. Most of it by reading the one and only blog you will need when it comes to skincare: Caroline Hirons. seriously, if you have any questions or have no idea where to start, just go from there.

there is one brand I swear by and that just works for my skin and its the ordinary. I have many favourites by said brand but there are few which just save my skin and have worked their miracles and because I adore them so much I just have to share them with you in hopes you find something that works for you too or maybe you enjoy a little skincare chat too.

first off all, there’s one product I feel like everyone needs to use on a daily no matter if it’s summer or not and its SPF. I use the Mineral UV Filters SPF 15 with Antioxidants on a daily as the last step of my routine to protect my skin from UV rays no matter what season and which weather. it’s incredibly light and doesn’t feel sticky. neither does it leave a white film on my face and it doesn’t have a scent. It just sinks in and I can apply makeup after or just leave my skin as it is. its the best SPF I have tried.

now lets talk about my magic potion. it makes me feel like a chemist mixing it all together even though I sucked at chemistry in school and I knew it was a magic potion when I left most of my skin care essentials at home for a little trip away to London and I got a horrible cold which came with that nasty dry skin around my nose. I used said potion once when I came back home and when I woke up in the morning, it was all gone. so every night I apply the buffet to my makeup free and cleansed skin. its a multi-peptide serum and supplies everything my skin would need after a long day and I absolutely adore it. when it had its time to sink in I start mixing. I start with a pea-sized amount of the natural moisturizing factors + ha as my moisturizer of choice and I add one or two drops of the 100% virgin sea buckthorn fruit oil. its a yellow oil and it will stain but can easily be removed. due to its high concentration of omega 7, it nourishes and protects the skin and it protects the skin from free radical damage. to said mix, I add about three drops of the 0.5% retinol in squalane. retinol is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. it can reduce the appearance of fine lines, photodamage and helps with anti-ageing in general. it can be irritating which is why I use a low percentage of retinol but slowly move up. I mix rub everything in between my hands and apply it to my face. it feels so rich and nourishing and my skin feels incredible right after applying it but also when I wake up in the morning and I just adore it.

what about you? do you have any skincare saviours which changed your life and skin? please let me know.


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