My Favourite Foundations for Summer

I know summer is a bit moodier than last year but here it’s in full swing and I have been suffering a bit with the heat during the day and regular thunderstorms in the evening. whenever it gets warmer I prefer a light and easy coverage on a daily basis. It could be because I like my skin to be bare when it’s warm and my freckles start to come out and when it’s sweaty and gross outside I feel like any heavier coverage will fade weirdly and I won’t feel comfortable especially when I’m commuting on public transport. For some reason, the busses and trains never have a good AC. Over the years I have found products I absolutely love and have in rotation all summer long Maybe summer will make its mind up where you live too and maybe you are awaiting your summer holiday and want an easy and light foundation for the for summer days this post might be for you so let’s begin.

lets begin with one of my absolute favourites not only in the summer and probably the one with the most coverage. its the it cosmetics cc cream. there are a few other options of said cc cream now but I use the regular one and its perfect. it does covers all discolourations and redness I might have and generally smoothes my skin but I can still see my freckles. It’s very dewy which I adore but can be tamed down with powder if you prefer that. The shade range is very basic and there could be a lot of expanding done but it’s one of my all time favourite foundations. One with a slightly lighter coverage is the nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer. it is just what the name says. it’s a very radiant tinted moisturizer. it just helps with redness and evens out my skin tone and my skin appears more bronzed which is lovely too but its very simple and light. it also has SPF 30 which is perfect for summer. one if my very recent discoveries is the bali body bb cream*. its probably the lightest when it comes to coverage and makes my skin appear more even and radiant but doesn’t take away any naturalness of it and in summer I ‘m more than happy to let my natural skin shine.

what about you? do you have any favourites when it comes to lighter coverages in summer? please let me know!


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