What I want to do this April

oh hello my lovely April, I have missed you. April is one of my favourite months because it means spring is arriving in Germany, finally. it always takes a tad longer for new baby leaves to be born here and whilst magnolias are almost done blossoming in London, they are just starting here and I adore this time of year. pops of whites, pinks and yellows started appearing in a landscape that seemed grey for so long. I just can’t wait to chase all the magnolias, apple and cherry trees in my favourite spots all around and also, April is my birthday month so that always makes it extra special and this year it’s me turning 25. oh boy, how can it almost be a quarter of a century? But I’m ready and 25 sounds pretty good to me.
In honour of it being April lets talk about what I want to do this April and what’s on the agenda for me. 

spring arriving means its time to get my balcony ready. I’m slacking a bit with it at the moment but I want it to be my perfect little oasis for the upcoming months. first of all, it needs a very good clean because Marie Kondo would probably faint when she saw the chaos out there. I also really want to paint some of my furniture black to make it look a bit edgier and mordern and I need to actually plant flowers on it. my cats can’t wait to finally sunbathe out there again and since the balcony is their only outside space, I like growing a little patch of grass in a pot for them. I also thought about getting some sort of hammock or comfy huge garden chair and make it my ultimate spot to enjoy the first rays of sunshine. I could also do a little post all about getting your balcony ready if you would like that. 
if you know me, you know I love a seasonal celebration and with easter coming up i can finally do just that again. due to being an april baby i’m used to celebrating my birthday around easter. the past years we really stepped back with our easter celebrations as my sister and I are older now. to be honest, i can’t let that happen. last year i insisted on having an easter egg hunt and it was beauiful so we are going all out again. my boyfriends parents are planning to do an easter fire which is a german tradition. i’m also planning to some sort of easer brunch with my friends and off course an easter egg hunt too. i can’t wait for some lovely days of celebrations with my family and friends. I have already started to decorate my place and it looks beautiful.

I’m turning 25 on the 15th and I can quite believe its time to celebrate my birthday again. I was never one to be scared of age or ageing. I’m rather excited to see what a new year brings me and what I will learn being 25. To me, it sounds like such a fun age to be. My birthday celebrations are something I look forward to every year. I want to go to a massive sakura garden with my family and celebrate with my friends at home with some good food and good chats. I also really want to buy myself a lovely treat for my 25th birthday and I already have something in mind which I will obviously share with you.
there’s that one thing that makes me so happy and it all the blossoms and blooming trees. they have started to pop and it just puts a huge smile on my face. I can’t wait to shoot in my favourite locations and find new beautiful ones. I want to make the most of huge magnolia flowers and pink and white clouds of apple and cherry treets. some people might feel like there is some sort of flower spa around this time of year but I can’t get enough of it.

my outfit


Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Hairband: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Location: Lisse, The Netherlands
what about you? what are you planning to do this April? please let me know.

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