At my Bathtub

Oh I just love a good bath and cherish them very much. It’s me time and time to unwind and relax. I talk about lush and bath products on a very regular basis on this blog and I probably won’t stop in the future as I just got out of beautiful peachy smelling bath water. My bathroom is a very cherished place and if I own a house one day I will renovate it and I will create the most beautiful sanctuary and I can’t wait. So today we are not actually talking about Lush as of Lush bath bombs or bubble bars, it’s about my go to products which currently live on my little wooden bathtub tray. I’m pretty sure theres a proper word for it but even in german which is my first language I can’t think of it so please forgive me.

So, the majority of the products being displayed and used most are hair products and they are also the main reason I wanted to type up a little post. My hair and especially my scalp have been through hell and back not only throughout my life but also within the past weeks. Having a very, veeeery sensitive scalp which basically makes it impossible to use drugstore or conventional hair products and it gets irritated so easily. I have been doing very well with my shampoo for years until my scalp started freaking out a few weeks back. It was so painfully itchy and irritated that I woke up from it at night and my hair just looked unhappy.

When I was a kid, my mum used to purchase shampoo from an organic goat farm and since I was at lush anyway, I thought I would try their very natural hair products and let me tell you, they worked amazingly and now I don’t want to use anything else. So let me start with the shampoo bar which calmed my scalp within one wash. its the soak and float. It’s meant to deeply nourish and calm and kind of sensitivity and any kind of issue you might have with your scalp. It has a very mild rose and tonka smell too which I love. I have never used a shampoo bar and I was surprised how easily it foams up and despite me having a long mane and generally a lot of hair on my head, it cleans it easily. It has made my scalp happy again.

Another shampoo I have tried and absolutely love is big. its a salt based shampoo meant to give volume whilst adding shine and nourishing the hair. I have never used a salt based shampoo and since you can see and feel the chrystals I was very curious to see how it works. a little bit goes a long way and the salt christals just dissolve super easily. It also smells heavenly and unlike anything I have ever smelled before. Very fruity and fresh and just so delicious. It also just does what it promises and keeps my scalp very happy.

As for conditioner I went with american cream and let me tell you, it smells so good, I want to eat it. It deeply nourishes my long hair without weighing it down and the smell of strawberry milkshake just is incredible. I can’t stop sniffing my hair and touching it as it makes it feel so soft and good and still is very soothing and I haven’t had any irritations with my scalp so far.

Lavender might be one of my all-time favourite scents which is why sleepy is one of my favourite product ranges from lush. I stocked up on the shower gel after Christmas and I’m just hoping and praying that it will be back every year or it will be permanent at some point. I also use the body lotion and its not only super moisturizing but also smells heavenly and leaves my skin so super soft.

what about you? what do you have as your bath or shower line up right now? please let me know.


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