Greetings from London

well, there’s nothing I would want to do more at this very moment than typing this post up from London and not about London being back home. it sounds so cheesy and I usually am not like this but I feel like where my heart belongs and I hope I can make it my home at some point in my life. in the meantime, I like flying out to London as much as I can. I have to make it out there at least once a year. not only am I completely in love with London but my boyfriend is also which makes me really happy. it was our 5 year anniversary in February and we thought we would treat ourselves to a trip away, just a short sweet one to get away from day to day stress and routines and there was only one place we wanted to go: London. 
because it was just a few days just for us two, I didn’t get photos for a few posts but enough to share them with you. as greeting from my favourite city.

where we stayed
we decided to stay in a hotel and not an Airbnb this time and opted for Notting Hill as one of our favourite spots in London. I found the beautiful Kensington court hotel. it looked beautiful online and did not disappoint in real life either. it’s a beautiful boutique style hotel located in a beautiful townhouse just minutes from Westbourne Grove and Bayswater station. it was furnished and decorated beautifully and the staff was so lovely and comforting. everything was perfect for our little stay and I would absolutely stay there again. I fell head over heels in love with their bathroom style and they even had rituals products in it. it made for the comfiest sleep and they were much needed as my boyfriend and I both caught a horrible cold before. 
where we ate
I’m beyond sure there are many super fancy places in London and I will probably take my sweet time and test them all at some point but for now, it’s the simple things that make me happy. We started with honest burgers and had more than one doughnut from doughnut time but the OG is just too good to be true. we had delicious pizza from franco manca and I brought back about 20 Malteser easter bunnies. to me, there nothing quite like a pret porridge and I also had my Wagamama katsu curry at some point. there’s too much I want to eat and enjoy and I had the best time doing just that.

what we did
usually, when I do a city trip I like to make sure to see and do most. I love sucking it all in and really be on the go all day long. because I have been to London quite a few times, we decided to take it very easy this time around. we were so lucky being greeted with sunshine and not having the slightest bit of rain. we basically just wandered, did a bit of shopping, eating and exploring. I’m not really into seeing the big sights cramped with tourists anymore and when we actually went to Oxford Street to shop, we went early in the morning and did a long and beautiful walk through Hyde Park back. we just walked and window shopped through Notting Hill, dreaming about the houses we would buy if we had the money. it was really just a break from it all. one of our favourite past times when in london is a bit of puppy watching whilst drinking tea. it’s beautiful. 

what I loved most
I really shouldn’t moan because we haven’t had a proper winter this year and global warming is a very scary thing that has to be targeted but seeing spring arrive was just magical. Germany’s climate is a bit harsher and it takes longer for blossoms and little green spruces to appear. it all seemed to be so much greener already and then we also stumbled upon blooming trees already. we saw beautiful pink trees and my boyfriend was convinced they were some sort of cherry tree, also beautiful camelias and magnolia trees with big buds about to pop open. it made me so incredibly happy. I can’t wait for spring to arrive.

I hope this little London post made any sense but I just wanted to share my trip with you and I hope you enjoyed it. do you have any trips planned? let me know.


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