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oh well, long time no post. I took a wee break to get creative again and also because I needed a break to figure life out, at least a bit. adulting is hard and it sucks but here we are again with the blog. not only is adulting hard but also blogging when its January and you are not jetting around the world to chase sun and summer. its freezing cold or grey and rainy most of the time and I haven’t had the chance to shoot any type of fashion content due to winter and spring still being ages away. not only is my blogging game suffering from the winter blues, but my skin is also. I have dehydrated skin as it is and due to the lack of sunshine, radiator heat and freezing cold winds, my skin is just lacking life. around this time of year, I have to step up my skincare game and also alter my makeup to make sure my skin gets a bit of glow back. I’m sure I’m not the only one whos dealing with that at this very moment so let’s talk glow:
the skincare
skincare is the most important thing during this time of year and I have to take extra care of my skin. the ordinary is a brand I trust with all my skincare needs and problems and it always seems to work for me. there are three essential products I have been using recently to help my skin to a bit of glow during this time of year. my serum of choice is the buffet. it’s a multi-peptide serum that not only offers great hydration but also fights multiple signs of aging at once. I use it at night time to make sure my skin is gets everything it needs and it truly helps with signs of fatigue, dehydration lines, and an overall dull look. to nourish and deeply hydrate my skin I mix a little secret potion. it’s my moisturizer which also is by the ordinary, I use the natural moisturizing factors, and also an oil and retinol. I use the 100% virgin sea-buckthorn fruit oil. the oil contains a high concentration of omega 7. it nourishes and protects the skin from free radicals and maintains the skins natural barrier function. it’s a yellow coloured oil and it will stain so be aware of that. I drop about two drops into my moisturizer. I also add retinol. retinol has been talked about too much about lately and I’m a huge fan. its supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, photodamage, and general skin aging. it can irritate which is why it has to be introduced moderately into your routine but nothing makes my skin look as glowy and beautiful. I add a few drops to the mixture and apply it to my face and my skin loves it. 
I like to add extra glow with my makeup too. recently, I have moved away from liquid liner and started using kohl liners as I find the look much more natural and I love the way it looks. I use a brown on my upper lash line and tight line and smudge it out slightly. to open up my eyes and make me look more awake, I use a light nude kohl liner on my lower lash and water line. also on my eyes, I have been loving the hourglass scattered light shadow pots. they create the perfect subtle almost wet look. they apply so well and the shade smoke is absolutely perfect.
I have been dying to get my hands on one of the hourglass palettes so I bought myself one for Christmas. its just beautiful and hourglass powders just add to the glow so beautifully. the blushes and the bronzer in it are what I use daily to add colour to my face. a highlighter is a must for me, especially when my face looks a bit lackluster and dull. my favourite still is the anastasia beverly hills amrezy highlighter. its absolutely perfect and just adds the perfect glow to my complexion. pillow talk by Charlotte Tilbury is just a holy grail as it is. for christmas, she brought out the superstar lipstick and I had to get pillow talk and let me tell you, its amazing. it had a slight shine to it and feels so creamy and beautiful.
what about you? what are your glow products during this time of year? please let me know.

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